Who do you belong to?

In Binissalem we still belong to the “house of” and it is for us a pride that our nickname goes ahead of our first name. The restaurant occupies today the ancient Jan’s house (can Jan) so many people still remember today and we do not want to forget. Because there is a bit of can Jan distributed in every corner of this village. From the neck of the well currently placed in Can Gelabert to the stones of the facade of the ancient house used, like so many other houses dis, to pave the current town square of Binissalem.

We want you to also take a piece of can Jan. This time in a bite shape and remember. To remember a good menu, to have had a good time here with us, to have enjoyed without haste and at a reasonable price, a good menu. A moment of those that make you close your eyes and think about what these flavors remind you of. We want you to come back, but to enjoy eating again.


Buy local. Enjoy global

Can Jan is both market but also season. It is shaking sea, sky and earth to enjoy eating again


For foodlovers

Yes, we cook Majorcan style because we are from here. But cooking in Majorcan way is not cooking ancient recipes. There are more than two hundred ways to make Mallorcan soups and, after all, the good one is the one of oneself, the one your parents did, the one we are grown up with. We love the idea of offering you how Can Jan understands the Mediterranean diet -Heritage of Humanity- and the island cuisine.

We are inspired by the market – on Fridays, in addition, in the same town square of Binissalem – and in traditional recipes. It does not mean that everything is classic because we like soup but also steak tartars, but we want them to be the flavour of those who for generations have been feeding us.

We do not have dolphin fish until September, or oranges in summer, nor thrushes and hares out of the season. The kitchen inspires us with respect to both ever-reinvented recipes and the vital cycle of each ingredient.