17 Dec

Pasteurized cow’s milk. Pressed paste. Not cooked. Average maturity of 4 to 6 months. Edible bark cleaned with wine and orujo. Marbled wine paste. Submerged in wine and orujo during the last 3 months of maturation. Fruity and milk flavors. Low intensity To start the tasting with a touch of wine.

Raw Jersey’s cow milk. Creamy and yellowish paste, typical of this breed of cow. Intense smell and soft, pleasant in the mouth. This cheese is the traditional recipe of the “Arzua Ulloa” typical of Galicia but produced in an artisanal way and allowing the flora of the bark to grow. When the Geotricum Candidum penetrates […]

We offer this gruyère as the last station -part of the monthly cheese’s proposal- to be able to clean our palate a bit after tasting the blue cheeses. It is a cooperative gruyère, made with raw cow’s milk. Cooked cheese with a sweet flavor. The bark is not edible. White crude, sometimes a little yellowish. […]