We want the process of uncorking a bottle of wine, champagne or sparkling to be an experience at can Jan that’s why we’ve made a selection of the best ration quality/price to enjoy. From a cup to a jar (3 cups) through special formats such as magnum. And we have carefully adjusted the prices for you to ask for a second one.

Our sumiller will be glad to help you choosing the most suitable wine to pair your meal.

White wine

Choose the cold white wine you would like to try. And also the format: a glass, a jar (3 glasses) or a bottle.

Rosé wine

Choose the best grape varieties to pair your meal today. Shall we help you?

Red wine

Choose the best designation of origin, grape varieties or let our sumiller to give you a good advice. Shall we help you?

Champagne, cava and sparkling

The best cava, sparkling and champagnes

Drink responsibly

"WINE is bottled poetry" R. L. Stevenson