Can Jan is art because we understand gastronomy as so. And admirers as we are of the art of Pep Guerrero, we proposed Pep as the artist to start with the opening exhibition coinciding with the opening of the restaurant. The pieces seek to be part of the furniture of Can Jan but, above all, they want to like you to finally be part of your home, as the memory of an excellent evening.

Pep Guerrero (Sóller, Mallorca, 1966) likes to like his work. He avoids the pomp of fame in person, because his discretion goes through short movements, low tone of voice and a lively look, who knows that to eat the world you have to do it in small bites. His work is recognizable by its ultra-contemporaneity disguised as vintage, its landscapes that border on the classic and the standard of good taste as opposed to the garish colors, prints and animal prints that work as a counterpoint to the classicism of the countryside of trees that you they make the light see through the chiaroscuro of its stroke.

Pep is a collector of beautiful objects, beyond the usefulness of such objects. There is a certain pleasure in having pieces that are aesthetically craved, because living being able to contemplate beauty is a plus. Perhaps that is the note that is distilled from each painting, earring, shoe, pendant, table, chess piece, car, scarf, suitcase, chair or vase that thinks, designs in his head and worked with his hands. The support is almost the least when looking for seduction through the finished object is what counts. Lives of pieces that, wrapped in squares, stripes, zebras or pin-ups, have a second life, an opportunity to continue living to bring the beauty that Pep Guerrero forges with his beautiful and original line. Limits? Only those that the narrative of his own imagination dictates.

Since the beginning of his artistic career in 1992, the list of individual and collective exhibitions of Pep Guerrero is immeasurable: from Paris to Palma, from Houston to Bologna, from Cádiz to Mexico. New York felt in surrender at Pep and Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada’s feet. Ágatha is personal and artistic friend of Pep in innumerable exhibitions. And now the precious challenge of capturing his work on the walls of CAN JAN, with the intention of decorating, yes, but with the ultimate goal of visually matching gastronomy with art.